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 Snap-on ring button pale green

Snap-on ring button pale green


Nickle-free snap-on buttons. You attach them with 3exters plastic head for pliers.  The parts fit perfectly in for example the pliers from Prym.
Size: 11mm in diameter.

All four parts of the button are included.  Four parts become one complete button.  One colored capped part (the visible part of the button on the garment), one silvercolored female part and one silvercolored male part plus one silvercolored ringpart (backside of the button).  The two ringparts are attaching the male and the female part to the garment.

Wash inside-out in maximum 40 degrees celcius.  Do not tumble dry.

Occasionally the buttons needs to be pressed together again after a while.  Especially if you attach them to several layers of fabric which is commonly done.  When you have all parts already attached you snap the button shut and press the whole button together using the pliers, all four parts at once.  By doing so you get extra force added and the button will be attached rock solid.  Be careful so that the button is not slanted when you press.  It needs to be straight or the small parts in the tool may get damaged.  Here is a tut made by Brallan by Alice.

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