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01.Crystal 2,7mm
02.Crystal 4,7mm
03.Rose Light 2,7mm
04.Aquamarine 2,7mm
05.Sapphire 4,7mm
06.RhinstoneApplique Snowflakes
07.Crystal AB 2,7mm
08.Hematite Jet 2,7mm
09.Rose Light 4,7mm
10.Amethyst 4,7mm


Rhinestones you attach to a garment by gently placing an iron on the top of it.  The heat will travel through the rhinestone and melt the glue on the bottom.

Wash the clothes inside-out and in maximum 40 degrees celcius.  Do not tumble dry. 

The larger rhinestones are 4,7mm and the small are 2,7mm in diameter.

  Crystal 2,7mm  

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  Crystal 4,7mm  

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  Fuchsia 2,7mm  

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  Fuchsia 4,7mm  

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  Peridot 2,7mm  

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  Peridot 4,7mm  

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  RhinstoneApplique Snowflakes  

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  Rose 2,7mm  

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  Rose 4,7mm  

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