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 RhinstoneApplique Snowflakes

RhinstoneApplique Snowflakes

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The snowflakes are on a cardboard, you can cut out only singles if you want.  To attach it on a garment you stick the motive on the garment.  (i.e. you let the rhinestones remain on the sticky sheet but you remove the protective film underneath the stones).  Place a thin piece of cottonfabric over the motive and press with an iron on a 2 or 3 setting of heat for about 10 seconds.  When it has cooled off you carefully try to pull off the plastic sheet.  If the stones are not letting go of the plastic sheet you heat some more.  When the plastic sheet comes off easily you place the cottonfabric directly on the stones and press the iron again for about 10 more seconds.

Largest snowflake is 50x50mm.

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