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 Pacifier clip starshaped dark turquise

Pacifier clip starshaped dark turquise


Loopsize: 25mm
The buckles have been tested and manages to be opened and closed 1000 times without breaking in accordance with the Swedish safety standard SS EN 12586. No part of the buckle has a diameter of 3,2 cm or more and they pass the Swedish Consumer Agency's "small parts cylindertest".  The shape of the buckle is open with airholes.

When you make a holder for a pacifier it is important to think about all aspects of safety.  In brief this means that the ribbon should not be able to make a loop around the childs neck.  Strings, chains or ribbons used shall not be longer then 22 cm and no parts should be able to come loose.
The recommendation from the Swedish Consumer Agency is that the child should not sleep with a pacifier attached to a pacifierholder.

Frequently control all parts of the pacifierholder so that nothing is broken and no aspect of function is compromised.

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