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01.Snap-on button Ring White
02.Snap-on button Ring Black
03.Snap-on button Ring Grey
04.Snap-on button Grey star on white bottom
05.Snap-on button Ring Old Pink
06.Snap-on button Fox
07.Snap-on button Ring Red
08.Snap-on button Capped White Pantone White
09.Snap-on button Ring Cherry
10.Snap-on button Blue anchor on white bottom

Woven labels

Great that you are interested in designing your own woven labels.

Click on the brochure below and you will see a step-by-step guide on how to do and what to think of.  We can help you with the design or you can make it on your own and simply mail it to us at

The necessary design fee (that is later refunded to you) is payed here.

Click below to see our current pricelist