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 Labels Skulls
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Labels Skulls

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Finally you can easily mark you clothes and items with our cute labels!


  • Iron-on for clothes and textiles
  • Stickers for items and things


Iron-on labels are easily ironed onto your clothes or other textile surfaces with your iron.  Will not come off and can take 80 degrees C in the wash and even tumble drying.


Stickers works just like a sticker and sticks to most surfaces but not textile surfaces. Use our iron-on lables for that. 
Mark your books, rubber boots, lunchcontainers, bikehelmets or whatever with these stickers.  They are laminated to be extra tough and resistant.

Choose between 4 sizes of lables.

    Round large 3,3 cm - 48 pcs / sheet - 2 rows of text
    Round small 2 cm - 108 pcs / sheet - 2 rows of text
    Large long 3,4 cm x 1,2 cm - 120 pcs / sheet -2 rows of text
    Mini long 2,4 cm x 0,8 cm - 200 pcs /sheet  - 1 row of text

Please not that you can only fit one row of text with 10 characters on the Mini long label.
On the other types of labels you can fit two rows of text.

Choose between straight or squiggly type of text.


Mixed kits

If you are having trouble choosing between the types then choose one of our mixed kits.

The large mixed kit containes two sheets of mixed labels.
1 sheet with iron-on labels and 1 sheet with stickers.
In totalt 256 labels.

The small mixed kit contains one sheet of mixed labels.
Iron-on labels OR stickers
In total 128 labels.

The Mini long labels can only have one row of text.

All labels will have the same text.

If you order a mixed kit the text on the mini long label will be the text in row 1.